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Own Your Success Story with Confidence and Impact!



You've put in the hard work, the late nights, and the endless dedication.

Your journey has been a series of triumphs, big and small. It's time to realize that you are already a success story in your own right.

Now, it's not just about acknowledging it – it's about owning it with unshakeable confidence and leaving a mark that resonates.

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Welcome to IMURJ Public Relations, where we understand the importance of going beyond surface-level strategies for visibility and branding.

Many small business owners mistakenly focus solely on appearances, rehearsed speeches, and flashy materials, overlooking the crucial follow-up round that separates the winners from the rest.


We believe that true success lies in delivering on promises, confidently representing oneself and the business, demonstrating a deep understanding of operations and financial flow, and showcasing the genuine value of collaboration.

You are at the right place!
Los Angeles


SERVICES for success in business

Who We Serve

Public Relations (PR) focuses on building and managing relationships between your brand and the public, including media and stakeholders, to generate positive visibility and credibility. IMURJ PR serves a diverse range of clients across various industries. We work with startups, small businesses, mid-sized companies, and even established brands looking to enhance their public image and reach. Our clientele includes tech companies, fashion brands, healthcare providers, and more. We tailor our PR strategies to meet the unique needs of each client.

What We Do

Strategy and Execution is our jam! IMURJ specializes in Lifestyle PR, a dynamic field that focuses on shaping and promoting the public image of brands, products, and individuals within the realms of fashion, beauty, health, wellness, entertainment, and more. Our expertise in Lifestyle PR extends to creating and curating compelling narratives that resonate with the values, aspirations, and interests of target audiences. Whether it's launching a new fashion collection, promoting wellness products, or elevating the profile of entertainment personalities, IMURJ excels in crafting tailored strategies that capture the essence of the lifestyle industry and drive meaningful connections between our clients and their audiences.

What’s the key to our success? We’re in it for the long game. It’s our intention to build a long-term relationship with you and your business or brand, much like a trusted lawyer or accountant. Over time, as your publicist IMURJ will be a strategic partner that advocates for you, promotes your image, manages crises and puts you forward for the best opportunities.

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Here's what you will get

Here's The Thing...

News Flash! PR is not just for celebrities anymore! It never really has been, but the advent of digital content creation and the success of social media marketing has overpowered everything we think we know!

In a world where everyone strives to be 'in,' we understand that not everyone wants the spotlight. Some try and succeed, some try and fail, some don't even realize they've failed, some watch in fear, and others just stop watching altogether.

But, we're here to talk about YOU. You're a business owner with a vision, who's achieved remarkable success. You're a hidden gem, celebrated by a select few. But perhaps you're unsure about scaling up, hesitant about stepping into the limelight, and worried about what might happen if you do.


Not wanting to have that conversation, fearing the demands of business awareness, and the constant juggling act of appearances, customer feedback, and meetings. It's daunting, and you're left with potential, but no certainty, as anything could be everything and everything could be nothing.


What if we told you that you can harness the power of PR without chasing fame or glamour? What if you could control how you present yourself, when you do, and to whom? What if you could be your authentic self in any situation?


No more social media antics or publicity stunts. Just the willingness to step out of your comfort zone, rewrite your PR story, and stand up for your business.

Most business owners chase after more sales and a stable income, thinking that more marketing and advertising will do the trick. But they overlook the power of PR and building meaningful connections with potential customers.

Have you ever wondered why businesses similar to yours, or people just like you, are thriving while you struggle to attract customers who should be yours?


Here are some of the biggest obstacles:

  • ❌ Failing to embrace automation or service/product improvements.

  • ❌ Ignoring customer feedback or suggestions.

  • ❌ Missing opportunities to engage and build connections.

  • ❌ Lack of transparency and judgment of your customers/audience.

          These failures are rooted in overthinking, limiting beliefs, outdated knowledge,                        self-judgment, excuses about money, and staying in your comfort zone.

So, what are you sacrificing by holding onto these old ways of being?

              The possibility to effortlessly earn more income doing what you love.
              The possibility
 to connect with people who appreciate your contributions.
              The possibility to be recognized and respected for your success.
              The possiblity
 to present your business confidently to potential investors and                        strategic partners.


It's time to break free from the old beliefs and limitations that hold you back.


The Golden Circle Program is here to guide you through a proven system that addresses these areas and transforms you into the CEO your business deserves.

Say goodbye to being invisible and start embracing the limitless potential that awaits you! Choose the program that works best for you and fall into your best business life! 

Live Your Best
Business Life!
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Here's what sets us apart:


IMURJ services emphasize genuine representation and communication. Your success is not a stroke of luck; it's the result of your relentless determination and expertise. So it’s our job to recognize your true strengths, articulate your unique value proposition, and express it confidently to potential partners and clients.


IMURJ PR professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience within a multitude of industries. From growing small businesses to rebranding companies that make a pivot, we understand the nuances of effective communication, relationship-building, and strategic positioning to maximize your brand's impact.



Crafted Strategies Beyond The Ordinary: 

We believe that every business is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to PR. We work closely with you to develop customized strategies that align with your specific objectives, target audience, and industry landscape.

We don't settle for ordinary. We amplify your success story with creative strategies that demand attention and inspire action. From strategic media placements to impactful investor pitches, we're here to help you make your mark in ways you've never imagined.

Results-Driven Approach:

We are committed to delivering measurable outcomes. Our strategies are built with tangible goals in mind, and we continuously track and optimize our efforts to ensure you see the right kind of results.

Long-Term Partnerships: 

We are not just another service provider; we become your trusted PR partner. We invest in building lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their evolving needs, and supporting their growth journey.

Manhattan Beach, California

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Jeff Kelly

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