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Pricing and Packages

Below is a listing of our current pricing and packages which are subject to change without notice. The products listed below can be combined to create custom packages that fit your business goal and budgets.

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Release It!© Signature Client Program

12-18 Months

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Now that you've turned your passion to profit -- It's Launch Time!! Experience the long-awaited and highly anticipated reveal of your branded business, brand and product to your target market, industry and the press.  Connect with influencers, make appearances, create awareness with press releases, and circulation of your media kit to targeted media outlets all according to editorial timing and planned events.

Signature Package Includes:

Administration Set-Up

  • Client On-Boarding, Profile and Form Setup

  • Monthly/Weekly Client Maintenance

  • Contract and Invoice Setup

I Don't Want To Be Famous!© Package

Instant Authority!© Package

Golden Circle© Package

VIP Client Service

  • Unlimited Messaging and Text

  • Weekly 1:1 Client Consultations

  • 1 VIP Day (In-Person or Virtual)

  • $1,000 Towards Travel and/or Expenses

6 Months


​Industry-level public relations services designed specifically for small business entrepreneurs, brands and products.

- Craft Your Story
- Master Your First Impression
- Build Your Reputation
- Professional Photography/Official Photography
- PR Writing & Press Release Distribution
- Media Monitoring and Analytics using the S.T.A.R. Blueprint© Analysis Method
- PR Coaching using The Power of You© Method


The conversation and technique in this intensive is designed to shift the focus away from the notion of fame or celebrity endorsement and culminate everything you know about yourself, your business along with the culture of the people around you to build an impressive image that's reflective of your ideal business lifestyle.

The results will give you an increased reach to your desired target audience and a genuine claim to authority that gives your business, brand or product a proven competitive edge in your respective industry. You'll also experience a desired response from potential colleagues, potential strategic partners and investors as they begin to see what you have to offer in a more prominent light.

Instant Authority ©

90-180 days 


(costs and expenses not included)

A great product for those who need to build social proof to gain leverage in their respective industry.


Experience media lightning and legitimate media credibility that sticks with our instant authority service. Our experts will capture your image, career work, published works and any other accomplishment that you would like to be recognized for and write an article with notable quotes that recommend you as a top professional in your field. The article will be distributed to major media publications that are significant to your industry as well as media networks and their affiliates. Once officially, published, you can proudly link those notable network icons to your websites and social media profiles.


Our services are guaranteed with the journalists’ ability to fact-check the details of articles written by a long-standing, connected and credible media source. 

- Gain Authority with Industry through consistent journalism and scheduled appearances
- Create and Distribute Press Kit for personality, company or brand
- Connect with Industry Influencers by attending/hosting exclusive publicity events (launch party, wrap party, media previews, etc.)
- Generate and Distribute Promotional and Marketing Materials
Costs and Expenses not included.

The Golden Circle ©

6 Months


This is the high stakes round where the big bucks start rolling in!


During this process, you will start to experience the lifestyle changes that are a result of launched services, consistent revenue and heightened exposure.


You will notice and experience greater confidence, as you see the social proof of your work in the marketplace and in your conversations that convert into sales. You will focus on creating partnerships, booking and participating in speaking engagements and having your business lifestyle sponsored by brands or companies that compliment your business.


Additionally you will receive 5 months of performance metrics that analyze your connections, visibility and social media footprints all throughout this experience.

Corporate Revolution © (formerly Revenue Revolution)

90 days


It can't be all organized business up front and mismanaged chaos in the back. This program streamlines your business operation to place your business in the position to make sales and receive revenue. The goal is increased customer retention, stellar testimonials and effective referrals.


We will use technology and successful business strategies to perform a desk audit of system operations and customer services and develop a strategy to implement protection of your hard work and legacy legally and cost effectively.

The Power of You ©

60-90 Days


Make a lasting impression with anyone who dares to google your name. This package is designed for professionals, speakers and business owners looking to share knowledge, accomplishments, connections and other actions that impact their industry. 

Build reputation and influence through branding and genuine personality to reach, connect and grow your target audience.


This process includes Branding, Coordination of Service Packages and Pricing, Media Kits and Marketing Materials, CEO Confidence and Development. Ultimately we will converge all of your business identification elements into a clear and concise Brand.

Hot Off The Press!© - Monthly Newswire Subscription



This Monthly Press Release Distribution Service relays targeted press releases about your business accomplishments, product launches and events to journalists, news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers, and wire services.


The service includes: 2 targeted pitches or press releases per month for one industry target 500 word limit per release Buzzworthy distribution to premium news outlets, over 80 media sites, journalists and bloggers SEO enhancements Embedded images, videos, links and key words are included. Monthly detailed reports with proof of distribution.

S.T.A.R. Blueprint© Analysis

2 Weeks


A detailed analysis of your media-business relationship that shows where you currently are in your industry, who your true competitors are, who your ideal audience is and how functional your social media profile is at the onset of our services. It's a basis for measurement of data that creates a targeted path for where you need to be during and by the end of the program. This monthly report will be referenced and updated throughout the entirety of the Release It! program.

OneLinq - Digital Footprint Service

OneLinq is a done-for-you digital footprint service that seamlessly curates all of your social media profile information, product links and visual media in one place, creatively stored on the Linq device. Linq is a product that uses NFC technology (the same technology used by Apple Pay and Samsung Pay) to send all of your contact details to any phone in just ONE hands-free tap. You can use the Linq card, place the Linq tap pad on the back of your phone or wear the Linq bracelet!

Capturely Headshot Session + 1-Min Spotlight Video


One professional headshot goes a long, long way. Make an unforgettable impression on all of your profiles, presentations and media kits with a wide variety of headshot photos to choose from.

I've partnered with Capturely (formerly The Headshot Truck) to bring you an offer that you can't refuse. Click the link in the comments. The investment will carry you forward all year round.

My session was fun and flexible. I had a variety of colors to choose from for my background, I brought in a total of 3 outfits to change my look and the best part was that I could see the photos as they were being taken. If you like to scrap and retake photos until they show up how you want, you're gonna love the Capturely experience!

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